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From our world-famous mint chocolate to vanilla fudge, we’ve taken our chocolate game to the next level. Since starting out just a decade ago, we’ve seen constantly rising demand and now we’re thinking of plans to expand.

Edible Arrangements 

How about an exquisite floral arrangement that you can bite into? Our edible arrangements use only food-grade organic colors and you can be assured about no preservatives or fixers in any of our creations.


We are crazy about cookies too! Our homemade cookies are a statewide hit and we like to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to making them. Drop by to taste a few samples before ordering by the pound!

Custom cakes 

We bake custom cakes for wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, festivals and more. We try to make each of our creations the most beautiful and delicious ones ever. Using only the finest organic ingredients of the highest quality

About Us

We have been selling cakes since 1992, starting out from a small shop. Now we’ve become one of the most famous cake shops in LA becoming a favorite of kids everywhere. Our signature creations are craved after especially in birthdays. We have over 10 branches around the state. Our specialties include custom cakes, photocakes, cupcakes, cookies. Towards the last decade, we’ve been making rich and sinful home-made chocolates as well, available exclusively online. You won’t find us anywhere else!

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