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Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat, live according to your spirit, be calm and think nothing! Yoga, the ancient tantric exercise is all about strengthening your inner mind.

By opening up all the energy channels in your body, we take you to a place where your mind is serene and soul is peaceful. We believe in the rejuvenation of your body; our yoga classes are designed to evoke your inner consciousness. 

Transforming your mind and elevating your consciousness for self-realization is what we seek! 

Solace your soul, Practice yoga!

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We all seek a tranquil mind and inner well-being! Routine meditation makes everything possible. Meditation is the ultimate key to happiness and inner peace of mind as this is a unique way to sink into deep relaxation and peacefulness!

Yoga during pregnancy

Nothing excites more than feeling for the life growing inside your body! Feeling those beautiful baby kicks for the first time is an incredible experience but you have to care as pregnancy is the time of severe mood swings and hormonal imbalances. 

Yoga & Diet

In today’s world, more people are embracing the technique of yoga to lose weight healthily. Regular practice of yoga can help you burn up to 500 calories per hour. Reduce your stress levels, attain a flexible body, improve your immunity and lose weight just by focusing on the art of yoga!


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