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I’ve been in love with Electronic Dance Music ever since I first set foot in a nightclub decades ago. I believe there’s something really primeval about EDM that is connected to humanity’s innate receptiveness to repetitive drums. That’s why I always believe in transcending various electronic sub-genres while making my sets. Expect to hear a truly wicked mixture of house, trance, drum n bass, progressive and breakbeat whenever I’m spinning. I’m always about keeping it live, you’ll never see me twiddling around with a pre-made set.

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Live Sets

Are you ready to throw down a party that’s sure to leave your guests’ mind-melted? That’s what I aim for. However, I’m also deeply experienced in reading a crowd. So, don’t be surprised if I turn it down a couple of notches after starting out crazy. It’s about keeping the crowd happy and I’m pretty sure you, as an organizer, would agree too!



Ghost Producing

Not everyone is blessed with the time and resources to produce their own material. Therefore, you can count on me to realize your vision. By giving you full control over the artistic process, we can perhaps create a chart-topping hit. It all depends on how far you’re willing to go for the music.

Mixing and


Are you an amateur or bedroom producer just learning the ropes and don’t want to invest in a full studio experience just yet? Perfectly understandable as I’ve been in your exact shoes ages ago. 



Projection Mapping

Ready to take your stage to the next level? Let’s create a mindblowing visual treat for your guests! I use a team of visual effects professionals to create 3D projections that take over your entire stage. From pre-made themes ranging from ancient Egypt to cyberpunk visuals, we can even do a custom experience from scratch reflecting the tone and theme of your event.

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