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Lot of people think that a daycare is just a baby care or play center. But we’re more than educators. We help identify your child’s skills and abilities. Each time they leave our center, they emerge stronger and ready to study better. We encourage learning through play and believe in productively stimulating their senses. Through our series of programs, they’re made ready for school efficiently and many of our clients report their kids achieving consistent success.


Learning group

We make small groups for creative experiments where children of the same age can understand the unique ideas and activities of each other. It helps them develop social skills and overcome shyness.

Yoga fitness

Yoga helps to improve baby’s concentration, flexibility and helps them remain calm. This is the right age to start yoga so that you can start developing healthy habits from an early age. 

Baby’s Kitchen

Here we encourage kids to cook and pick up other vital skills as well. When they try to cook, they automatically develop reading skills, learn to follow instructions, and learn to measure. 

Showbiz Baby

Here, we focus on your baby’s performance skills and extracurricular activities. We want all our kids to be rockstars, actors, dancers, and, more don’t we? Why not give them the extra edge by giving them an early start?

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