Why should you increase the performance of your bike?

Boosting performance of your bike is essential to giving it an edge when it comes to speed and leaving your opponents in the dust. Some of the more efficient ways you can tune up your bike include increasing the air intake, modifying ignition, tuning carburater or switching exhaust. Trust us to deliver the best enhancements to your machine.

Increasing air intake

One of the easiest and economical methods is increasing the air intake. However, this would have an adverse effect by increasing fuel consumption. Installing an aftermarket mushroom head can have the positive impact of powering up the air intake by about 50 per cent as opposed to a stock mushroom head. This increase in air intake can lead to improved performance of your bike.

Ignition modification

A great improvement to engine performance can be achieved through using an upgraded ignition system. An improved spark plug produces stronger sparks and reduces fuel consumption. We recommend an NGK gold-plated or platinum-plated spark plug for guaranteed improvements in your engine’s power. This kind of improvement is essential if your bike is having poor fuel supply at high speeds.

Carburetor tuning

If you’re looking for simple gains to your bike’s performance and sceptical about making significant changes, then we can tune your carburetor for increased performance. Our experienced staff can take your machine and you through the process and find a comfortable setting based on your performance. This involves multiple tries to get your bike’s calibration just right. You can notice immediate changes in the bike’s response.

Exhaust switching

Give your bike an incredible upgrade through replacing or removing your stock muffler. Changing the exhaust usually results in increased power and allows you to jump quickly from the stopped position. We take extra care in modifying your exhaust system by paying extra attention to making sure the materials (titanium, carbon-fibre and others) work properly with your motorcycle.