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With a massive client base spanning the entirety of the West Coast, we have spent over two decades in growing our business with the values of trust, transparency and quality delivery of services. Our clients love us due to our passion for four-legged friends – we believe each cat and dog is special and require a personal approach that takes into account their unique Please fill out your complaints and recommendations. We value client feedback most highly and constantly believe in upgrading the quality of our services. Our customers are our ambassadors and we rely on you to grow our business.


Being a proud pet parent means being responsible for the health of your furry offspring and that’s why you must recognize the importance of regularly grooming them. Without proper training, the process of grooming can prove troublesome for both the groomer and the pet. That’s where we step in!
We strive towards providing high levels of comfort for our furry clients because we want their experience to be a pleasurable one which they look forward to every week.

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Dog Grooming

Regularly grooming your dog has a host of benefits aside from aesthetic ones. For instance, brushing airs out their coat, helps remove damaged fur, unclogs pores and eases irritation. Particularly serious are issues with lumps and scratches that can come through ignoring general coat health.

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