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We are a group of hairstylists who came up with the idea of blending art into hairstyling. From a diverse set of hairstyles, we help you choose the best fit. Combining the classiness of the 90s and the trends of 20s we are a perfect mix of cult and modernity. The ambient atmosphere also plays your favourite music to help you relax both the body and mind. Reservations are highly encouraged for all services. Clients can also check out individual stylist and barber schedules on our website.

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Your hairstyle determines your attitude. We provide you with a variety of cuts and styles to choose from. We also offer customized hairstyling, hair art, hair coloring and more. There are different packages that are affordable for every individual. We also do facial hair styling as well as facial hair coloring.


An “espresso snooze” supports mental wellness. Sip some espresso before you enjoy a delightful shut down for a 10-minute back rub and scalp massage. Our massaging specialists can make you feel renewed.


We do semi-changeless hair shading intended to carefully disguise dimming by mixing your regular hair shading in with the dark, bringing about a characteristic salt-and-pepper look. Costs may fluctuate dependent on hair length and thickness.


We do; Classic: straight razor shave with hot foam and steamed towels, Designer: designs carved into haircut with various styling equipment. Price may fluctuate depending on the complexity of design and Line Up: perfect razor detailing of facial hair..

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