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I’m Aleena, a proud mother to three kids, and a seasoned babysitter with decades of experience. We started this service back in December 2010 and have become one of the top nanny service providers in Los Angeles. Driven by a commitment to provide quality care, we have more than 100 nannies working under us. All our employees are highly qualified and have passed all kinds of background checks. These days, with the numbers of stay-at-home moms on the decline, we can say that we are facing healthy demand for our services.



We know how hard it can be to find a babysitter in last minute settings. Our website has a real-time availability calendar so that you can get one at your convenience. Or perhaps you just want an extra pair of hands to help out especially if you’re dealing with younger kids.



We provide tutoring services too. Some of our babysitters can productively spend the time with your kids to teach them or go over their lessons. Every single one of our employees is college educated and are able to teach elementary school subjects with ease.


Outdoor & Boarding

Are you planning on a vacation? You really don’t need to take your kids with you. Take a stress-free break by leaving them with us. Our staff can either keep them in your home or take them to our star-rated boarding facility. Feel free to take a guilt-free holiday.


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