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Established in 1997, we are considered as one of the best legal firms in the country. We have 23 offices across different parts of the country and our team consists of 500+ highly experienced attorneys. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. We have the reputation of achieving positive results for our clients, especially in cases of national interest.

Settlements may range from small to large, but our commitment to client satisfaction remains the same.


Elder Abuse Lawyers

Have your loved ones been victims of elder abuse? If you find that a senior citizen has been subjected to financial abuse or if someone has become a victim of medical negligence, come to us! We are the most trusted elder abuse lawyers in LA and we’re passionate about defending the rights of the elderly.

Divorce Lawyers

We know that getting separated from your partner is an emotional process. But if you find it difficult to move on, and if you have made a decision, we can help you through the legal process. We have a team of lawyers specializing in divorce cases, who can help you out and handle your case with compassion and understanding.

 Immigration Lawyers

Getting citizenship in a country other than your motherland can be a difficult process and can take a lot of time. So, it is mandatory that you must the services of an immigration lawyer.

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