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About Us

Keep on moving! That’s what we swear by. The process of moving can always be seen as a totally tiresome exercise and that’s what we wish to eliminate. Gone are the days of worrying about costs, potential damage and time – we’ve some of the finest talents among our employees that have decades of experience. Hire us to find out how exactly we have maintained the top status as the go-to movers in the city.


We have consistently been the best moving service this side of the state since 1998. Our team is highly efficient and spares no effort in making the process as stress-free for clients as possible.

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What sets us apart from other movers is our flat rate. A revolutionary pricing system, it takes into account factors like mileage, volume and complexity and offers a flat rate, instead of the usual weight-based system that most other movers usually follow.


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Corporate Relocation

When it comes to moving your employees, you are better off hiring professionals to streamline the process to run as smoothly as possible for both your staff and your usiness. Our packages are easily customizable for every budgets and our expert technicians are meticulous in overseeing every phase of the relocation.

Residential Relocation

Changing homes is always a stressful ordeal due to unfamiliarity of new surroundings and more. That’s why recreating the former layout of your home as soon as possible or go with a more functional arrangement that doesn’t leave you frustrated. We like to keep things systematic detailed diagramming and checklists so that you don’t have to worry about missing out or forgetting anything.

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Long-distance Moving

Transporting goods across long-distances is often worrying due to the sheer number of variables involved in something going wrong. Our advanced tracking technology offers real-time GPS co-ordinates so that you know exactly where your cargo is.

Art Transportation

When dealing with extremely valuable cargo, our

motto is to go above and beyond our normal safety protocols, which are already exhaustive. In addition to keeping the transportation environment precisely

climate controlled, we are also able to provide you with a live video feed of the cargo should you choose the option.

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