Fretboard mastery for all

Guided lessons to give you an in-depth understanding of the instrument

Speed training

Blazing speeds are no longer impossible. Nail those solos whatever be the BPM through progressive training

Top-notch theory

Learn to improvise and master concepts like scales, modes and more

About Us

Chances are you’ve got a guitar laying around in your home gathering dust and collecting mold. Well since you’re here, you might want to consider picking it up again and be on your path to being a rockstar. We’ve been in the business of teaching guitar to people of all ages and experience levels for over 30 years. Many of our students have played in leading bands and many have had fruitful careers thanks to their association with us.

One-on-one sessions, feedback-based practice and deepunderstanding of theory are just some of our standout features.

Welcome to Guitar Lab 


Are you content with just playing Wonderwall or do you want to take it a step further and become a master shredder? Do you wish to melt faces and pull off some seriously impressive solos? Read on to find out how through our courses.

Beginner to Rockstar

Beginning with a solid foundation on music theory, the course takes you along a journey that can bring out your true potential and makes you a certified master of the fretboard. This absolute beast of a course covers pretty much every aspect of becoming a professional guitarist.

Ear Training

Hear it once and then play it! While this is an essential skill that takes years of experience to gain, we can enable you to perform confidently in just five months. We can train your ears to identify pitch, tone and timbre so that you can pull off even the most complex licks.


After gaining a significant amount of mastery over our beloved instrument, its natural to want to translate your musical vision to paper. Analyze your favourite songs and figure out their composition, learn to use templates to simplify the writing process and develop a keen ear for great music. This course is perfect for all budding songwriters with big dreams.

Speed Training

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the metronome or failing to play your favorite metal track’s riffs at the right tempo, then you are in serious need of our speed training sessions. Learn to correctly use a metronome and reap the benefits of sustained, systematic practice. You’ll be surprised at how soon you can make your fingers set fire to fretboards!


Ever dreamed of spontaneously playing beautiful solos to the beats of a backing band? This course is just for you. Learn the pentatonic scales for easy blues and jazz improvisation and take it up a notch further by mastering modes. Harness the power of the axe with this program and get ready to sign those autographs.

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