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The Simplia Technology Difference

Simplia’s intelligent technologies automatically learn from your community experience and give you suggestions to improve quality, scheduling, time management, and more to help you manage all aspects of your connections. Learn More

Simplia OneSite

Simplia’s OneSite Technology delivers you a Website that is business-ready in minutes, not just a pretty page! Our Websites come integrated so all the Services you need to Start, Run and Grow your business, automatically work together seamlessly. Like Marketing, Booking, Payments, etc.

Simplia Smarts

Simplia’s Smart Technology brings Artificial Intelligence to your business no matter how small. Each Smart tool is designed to make your business run better. Smart Technology automatically learns about your business as you start and grow, it then trains itself to help you save time, make more money, keep your customers happy etc.

Simplia Connect

Simplia’s Connect Technology unifies all the different ways we communicate, even how we communicate with modern IoT (Internet of Things) lights, faucets and refrigerators, etc. Connect is one of the first to unify sharing of documents and communications. So you can instantly Connect and share with anyone via Web, Phone, Chat, SMS etc.

Simplia Advantage

Simplia’s Advantage Technology enables you to create and sell brand new contactless online services. Online Tutoring, Consulting, Virtual Assistance, Monitoring, Telehealth etc. Advantage uses Templates for specialized online services for each type of business reducing time to create and market new online services.

Simplia Wallet

Simplia’s Wallet Technology enables you and your customers to purchase Credits so Card Details are not needed for every transaction. Simplia Wallet can also be used to build your reputation based on Points given to you by customers as “Thank You’s” for free services or as a gratuity for services provided.

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Simplia helps you manage every stage of your community from connecting, playing, sharing, getting things done with providers, shopping, to managing your reputation. Simplia gives you a full suite of tools designed to help you manage and connect with your online community in a fun way that mimics real life while getting the things you need done.

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