Start, Run, Grow, And Manage Your Business 

Simplia helps your business attract, keep, and grow happy paying customers.

START your business

Start Your Business With Simplia OneSite

Simplia OneSite is Your Unique Mobile and Online Presence with All the Tools you Need in One Site to Start, Run, Manage, and Grow Your Business – In minutes!

  • Showcase your skills and offer your services to attract customers
  • Visitors can book your services and pay for them in advance if needed
  • Manage communications, bookings, and payments, in real-time
  • Easily add your existing contacts to your Simplia OneSite


Market & Sell Services
Online Booking & Payment
Online Customer Portal
Online Employee Portal
Market & Sell Products
Online Shopping Cart to Sell Products

MARKET your business

Get Noticed in the Simplia Marketplace when you Add Your Listing to the Directory

  • Consumers can search millions of local service providers
  • Searches are relevant with no ads so consumers can find YOU quickly
  • You can be called directly by the consumer from your listing

Add Listing

Add Your Listing to our Directory to get your business noticed and so new and existing Customers can Connect with you.

Claim Listing

Claim your Listing in Our Directory so you can edit your listing with more details and pictures and keep it updated.

Market Your Business

Promote Business

Advertise in our Directory to get ranked and to be featured as a Best Match with Pin Point Targeting to customers in our marketplace.

Get an Assistant

Get Your Own 24/7 Personal Online Assistant. A real person that will be your personal online assistant available to assist you 24/7.

Get Ratings

Get Rated on Simplia with Simplia’s Ratings system that verifies your claimed listings to enhance your reputation.

Add Extensions

Get Additional Phone Extensions for you Business Phone System for your Agents or Staff at Half the Price of RingCentral Gauranteed.

Background Check

Add Your Background Check to Your Business Profile so your Background Check is available on your Business Profile Page.

Identity Verification

Add Identity Verification to Your Business Profile so that your Identity shows as Verified on your Business Profile page.

Simplia OneSite

Start, Run, Grow, and Manage your Business

Offer Services

Offer Services from your place, your mobile, or simply online. 

Get Leads

Simplia helps you Get Leads and Manage them all in One Place from any source including Social Media, Search, and Referrals with no commissions.

Get Customers

Display your Menu of Services for booking online and Connect with your Customers in Realtime when they have questions about bookings.

Bill Customers

Create and Send professional Bills and manage them. Create custom invoices and manage collections.

Keep Customers

Simplia provides all the tools you need to support your customers. Answer questions, create and share how-to-videos, send routine service reminders, and more.

Deliver Services

Deliver Services efficiently and save time with Route Planning, Time Tracking, and more.

Get Orders

Confirm your Customer’s request for service with an Order so you can agree on price and start working!

Manage Customers

Manage all aspects of your relationship with your Customers.

24/7 Support

Get Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week Support. Use Chat, Phone or Email.



Manage Every Stage of the Customer Journey with Simplia

Simplia helps you manage every stage of the customer journey from Leads, Quotes, Jobs, Bills, Support Tickets, to managing your reputation. Simplia gives your business a full suite of tools designed to manage your workflow, keep your customers happy, and help you grow your service business.

Get Started Today

Simplia gives your service business the tools to empower growth – from supporting customer and employee growth, multiple sites, to multiple locations, we give your business the tools to expand and grow your bottom line.

Manage Business

All the Tools to Manage your business in One Place From Dashboards to in depth look at your Cash Flow now and in the future.

Manage Employees

From Hiring to managing employee’s daily attendance and pay all integrated with your One Site.

Manage Time

All the tools to manage Time from scheduling jobs, to scheduling reminders or followup emails.

Manage Activity

Manage your business Activities so Tasks can be scheduled and managed to avoid missed service opportunities.

Manage Money

Manage Money from Billing to Collection and even Spending. Accounting Plus.

Manage Suppliers

Manage your Suppliers keep track purchase orders and let them request payment or post status of supplies from Vendor Self Service.

Manage Reputation

Simplia helps manage your reputation based on real measures like your Recent work, how you helped out customers through free services, what your customers say about you.

Manage Inventory

Manage Parts, Supplies and other Products you need for your Business.

Manage Products

Sell Products to your Customers and visitors to your site with your own Online Shop included in your OneSite.

Manage Projects

When your job becomes a project, you need the tools to manage the schedule and costs. Simplia One Site has built-in Project Management.

Business Customization

Simplia helps you customize your business, with Templates. You start with a Template add custom features to fit your Business.

Business Automation

Automate chores, like sending out an email when someone books service, or respond to requests for service with a form to get more details.

Integration Technology

Simplia’s technology helps you integrate with other system you or your customers be using, from Google Calendar to File Exchange with DropBox. 

Security Technology

Essential Security Features for your Business, from Secure Logins to Electronic Signatures for Orders.

Record Keeping

Businesses need record keeping be it for taxes or issues with jobs. We provide comprehensive storage of history of all aspects of business activity.

The Simplia Technology Difference

Simplia’s intelligent technologies automatically learn from your business experience and give you suggestions to improve lead quality, marketing efforts, scheduling, time management, and more to help you run all aspects of your business. Learn More

Simplia OneSite

Simplia’s OneSite Technology delivers you a Website that is business-ready in minutes, not just a pretty page! Our Websites come integrated so all the Services you need to Start, Run and Grow your business, automatically work together seamlessly. Like Marketing, Booking, Payments, etc.

Simplia Smarts

Simplia’s Smart Technology brings Artificial Intelligence to your business no matter how small. Each Smart tool is designed to make your business run better. Smart Technology automatically learns about your business as you start and grow, it then trains itself to help you save time, make more money, keep your customers happy etc.

Simplia Connect

Simplia’s Connect Technology unifies all the different ways we communicate, even how we communicate with modern IoT (Internet of Things) lights, faucets and refrigerators, etc. Connect is one of the first to unify sharing of documents and communications. So you can instantly Connect and share with anyone via Web, Phone, Chat, SMS etc.

Simplia Advantage

Simplia’s Advantage Technology enables you to create and sell brand new contactless online services. Online Tutoring, Consulting, Virtual Assistance, Monitoring, Telehealth etc. Advantage uses Templates for specialized online services for each type of business reducing time to create and market new online services.

Simplia Wallet

Simplia’s Wallet Technology enables you and your community to purchase Credits so Card Details are not needed for every transaction. Simplia Wallet can also be used to build your reputation based on Points given to you by others as “Thank You’s” for free services or as a gratuity for services provided.

Start Growing Your Business