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The Simplia Difference

With Simplia, we are all you need to manage your customer relationships and grow your business. Make calls, send quotes and invoices, accept payments, get reports. View all traffic to your business page so you know where your new customers are coming from. Easily add your existing customers to Simplia and engage with them in all areas of customer management. You and your customers can purchase credits with Simplia Wallet so card details are not needed for every transaction. Unlike most large Gig Economy companies who take a percentage of your sales, we don’t take any commissions even with your repeat customers! And no contracts! Give Simplia a try! It’s like having all the tools you need to grow and run your business in one place.

Get Things Done with Simplia!

It’s FREE to search and connect with millions of Customers in our Marketplace!


Connect with Customers by chatting or talking to prospects using Simplia. Simply click to message or make a call to anyone in the marketplace.


How to Connect

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Offer Free Services

Offer Free Services with no fee! Any free services you offer in the Simplia Marketplace will earn you points and enhance your reputation.


How to Offer Free Services

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Offer Paid Services

Use Simplia to grow your business. Just Offer a Service in our marketplace to get your business noticed and connect with customers!


How to Offer a Paid Service

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Get Additional Posts

Post More Services! Get additional posts in our Marketplace to offer all your services after your one free post per day. Enhance and edit your listings.


How to Get Additional Posts

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Get Leads

Get Leads for your business by chatting or talking to prospects via Chat, Phone, or Live Transfer at Half the Price of Google Leads Guaranteed.


How to Get Leads

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Track Leads

Get Simple Lead Tracking to manage all your customers in one place from Leads to Support including your leads from popular social media networks.


How to Get Lead Tracking

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Add Your Listing

Add Your Listing to our Directory to get your business noticed and so new and existing Customers can Connect with you.


How to Add Your Listing

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Claim Your Listing

Claim your Listing in Our Directory so you can edit your listing with more details and pictures and keep it updated.


How to Claim Your Listing

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Promote Your Business

Advertise in our Directory to get ranked and to be featured as a Best Match with Pin Point Targeting to customers in our marketplace.


How to Promote Your Business

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Get Your Own Business Profile

Get Your Own Business Profile page to share with your current customers and prospects. Display your Menu of Services. Take Bookings and Payments.


How to Get Your Business Profile

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Get Your Own Business Page

Publish Your Business Profile as a business page at to get new  prospects and customers from web.


How to Get Your Business Page

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Get Your Own Business Site

Get Your Own Website showing off your Portfolio with 24/7 tech support plus custom enhancements at half the market price guaranteed.


How to Get Your Business Site

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Manage Customer Relationships

Manage all Your Customer Relations in one place from leads to quotes, orders, bills, and support, also track leads from social media. Syncs with QB.


How to Get Customer Management

Coming Soon!

Manage Your Business

Manage All Your Business Operations from staff, purchasing, supplies, inventory, accounting, and time and location tracking. Syncs with QB.


How to Get Business Management

1. Sign in to your Business Account

2. Click on Business Services

3. Click on  Business Management Services to sign up.

Business Management Features:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Barcode
  • Contracts
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Events
  • Expense Reports
  • Invoices
  • Margins
  • Membership
  • Point of Sale
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Proposals
  • Purchase Orders
  • Resources
  • Sales Orders
  • Services
  • Shipments
  • Standing Orders
  • Stocks
  • Stripe
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Support Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Support Tickets

Get Your Own Phone System

Get Your Own Business Phone System with Intelligent Voice Response and Routing to Your Different Staff when needed.


How to Get Your Phone System

Coming Soon!

Add Extensions to Your Phone System

Get Additional Phone Extensions for you Business Phone System for your Agents or Staff at Half the Price of RingCentral Gauranteed.


How to Add Extensions

Coming Soon!

Get Rated on Simplia

Get Rated on Simplia with Simplia’s Ratings system that verifies your claimed listings to enhance your reputation.


How to Get Rated on Simplia

Coming Soon!

Add Background Check to Your Profile

Add Your Background Check to Your Business Profile so your Background Check is available on your Business Profile Page.


How to Get Your Background Check

Coming Soon!

Add Identity Verification to Your Profile

Add Identity Verification to Your Business Profile so that your Identity shows as Verified on your Business Profile page.


How to Get Your Identity Verification

Coming Soon!

Get Your Own 24/7 Personal Assistant

Get Your Own 24/7 Personal Online Assistant. A real person that will be your personal online assistant available to assist you 24/7.


How to Get Your Personal Assistant

Coming Soon!

Get Your Own Accounting System

Get Your Own All-in-one Booking System. Valuable time-saving tools for invoicing, accepting online payments, managing expenses, and tax prep.


How to Get Your Own Accounting System

Coming Soon!

Your all-in-one booking system comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited customized invoices and estimates that look professional
  • Send estimates that help you win jobs
  • Accept credit cards and ACH bank transfers online
  • Automated bank import
  • All your information is securely stored
  • Real person customer support
  • Project budgets that keep your team on track
  • Dashboards that keep your finger on the pulse
  • Unlimited expense entries
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Insightful Tax Time Reports
  • Powerful reports with insights about your business