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About Us

With a massive clientbase spanning the entirety of the West Coast, we have spent over two decades in growing our business with the values of trust, transparency and quality delivery of services. Our clients love us due to our passion for four-legged friends – we believe each cat and dog is special and require a personal approach that takes into account their unique temperament Read More…


What We Do ?

Being a proud pet parent means being responsible for the health of your furry offspring and that’s why you must recognize the importance of regularly grooming them. Without proper training, the process of grooming can prove troublesome for both the groomer and the pet. That’s where we step in!

We strive towards providing high levels of comfort for our furry clients because we want their experience to be a pleasurable one which they look forward to every week.

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Cat Grooming

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Nail Clipping

Trimming nails for indoor cats is essential if you want to preserve furniture and walk away less bloody after a particularly intense session of playful activity.

Sanitary Trim

Having a cat with a healthy digestive system means periodic trips to the litter box. These frequent visits could lead to your pet picking up all kinds of bacteria and dirt especially if you’re dealing with a long-haired cat. Prevent all kinds of health and odor issues through a slight trim of your kitty’s rear with our specialized cutting tools.

Mats, Knots and Debris Removal

For long-haired fur babies, snipping mats by yourself can sometimes have serious consequences that can involve blood and regrets. So, please do not attempt to cut corners here.

Hydrobath (Shampoo & Massage)

Although we discourage bathing cats frequently, a periodic specialized hydrobath can work wonders to stimulate skin and help improve blood circulation. The device applies shampoo thoroughly and makes the process as stress-free as possible.

Eyes & Ear Cleaning

The eyes and ears of your cat are of primary importance when it comes to their overall health. We check for issues like watery eyes, excess wax, swelling or odor and if we notice something out of the ordinary, we provide a reference to a vet. We only use the highest quality pet care products that are all natural and bio-degradable.

Dog Grooming

Regularly grooming your dog has a host of benefits aside from aesthetic ones. For instance, brushing airs out their coat, helps re
move damaged fur, unclogs pores and eases irritation. Particularly serious are issues with lumps and scratches that can come through ignoring general coat health.

Teeth Brushing

We cannot stress the importance of of regular oral care for your dogs. Reducing bacteria, improving breath quality, stopping periodontal disease and diagnosing cysts are just some of the benefits.

Flea Baths

Just imagine the irritation at being constantly fed on by a tiny parasite that breeds on you and makes you itch constantly. Our special all-natural formula combined with a hydrobath exterminates fleas thoroughly and prevents their reappearance for at least a month.


Just as in the case with our feline friends, fur issues need to be handled delicately. Using the right tools in the right way is essential to make the experience stress-free and our line of high-tech trimmers ensures just that.

Gland Expression

Manually expressing impacted anal glands is a process that needs an experienced hand to ensure a healthy digestive system. If you see your dog with increased rates of constipation, diarrhea and food allergies, he or she may be more prone to gland problems. Our technicians know how to tackle these issues comfortably without affecting the comfort of your dog.

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