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Since 1985, we’ve been in the business of beautifying neighbor hoods one lawn at a time. We believe elegance is a key factor in design and while one may be tempted to go all out in setting up your lawn, we go with tailor-made solutions in accordance the size and layout of the available area. We are also fully insured and you can trust us to create beautiful landscapes while not worrying about damage.


Bring your outdoor spaces to life through some professional intervention! Combine breath taking design schemes and inventive trimming to create the lawn of your dreams. Our full range of services cover all aspects of lawn care including design, trimming, pruning, fertilization and much more.


Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to our design philosophy. We have an extensive catalogue of design schemes suitable for outdoor spaces of all sizes, which our experienced landscapers can customize to the layout of your lawn. A well-designed lawn highlights architecture. It doesn’t try to stand out and take away attention but rather complements the overall presentation of the property.


Sprinkler systems are a lifesaver if you’re the type that does not believe in regular irrigation or find yourself just too busy. We have an arsenal of advanced irrigation systems for all budgets and requirements that combine cutting-edge technologies like AI and automation that adjust output based on feedback from machine learning. Furthermore, having an automated irrigation system in place is essential if you’re in an area that is prone to dryness.

soil aeration

Aeration of your soil does much more than just making it accessible. In addition to invigorating roots and enhancing the movement of water, it also helps with weed control. The two aeration systems we offer are coring and spiking. The former involves removing portions of soil from the yard which in turn gives the soil room to expand while the latter is done through simply poking pores in the top layer. Aeration is a process that needs to be done at least every two years and is ideally followed up with fertilization and seeding.

soil Treatment

Our soil treatment package comes with periodic dispersal of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and more. The kind of fertilizers suitable for your lawn are only decided after a thorough quality analysis of soil. Prevent your lawn from being infested with weeds, grubs and all kinds of parasites. What’s more, our products are wholly organic and adhere to local, national and international regulations.

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